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Silent Grove

Hemlock Park is a large, and beautiful park with a very old fashioned feel to it, complete with an old stone fountain at it's center. Many pathways wind through this lush park, and the trees are minimal, offering the faint hint of shade. A small river runs through the area, opening up into a small lake to the north side of the park that has a large, ornate bridge crossing over the width of it, and it's not uncommon to see dogs staring over the edges of the rails and into the water below.
This large junkyard is towards the east of town, and when the wind blows in from the east, you'll want to cover your nose. The junkyard is guarded by large stainless steel fences, with barbed wire over the top, and a hefty gate at the front. The gate was locked before the humans abandoned this area, but dogs have found ways to dig beneath the fences, or squeeze past the gates. Once inside, however; do be cautious. The ground is very unstable, and the majority of what you walk on isn't ground at all. One wrong step could cause an avalanche of trash that could leave a dog buried.
This old airport was once one of the busiest airports in the area, and many could watch the planes take off and land from any of the numerous observation points. However, since the canines have taken over, this airport is kept locked up tight, with few ways inside, and is merely a refueling station for the planes riding over it. While you can still see the planes coming and going, you don't see many of the humans on the other side of the chain link fences.
The Davenport is an old victorian age hotel that hadn't been used for years, even before the humans left the town, and had long ago become a place of the dogs. Many dogs roam the halls, a number of them having claimed the rooms with in the building. The large hotel stands fourteen floors high, with close to ten rooms on each floor, however there is a rumor that there is a 13th floor on this hotel. And few have stepped foot into the hallway of that floor, and even fewer have come back from it.
This Bus Station was once a very busy place. While buses occasionally do pass through, they are never here for long, and rarely do they stop. Many strays frequent the area, hoping for food tossed out the window, or to watch these bus rush through the canine overrun town. Just be careful, these buses aren't known for stopping for a dog in the road.
This old movie theater has been out of commission for years, and much of the inside is covered in a layer of dust, dirt and grit. However, there are many beautiful pieces of artwork inside, and rumor has it that if you know anything about the old fashioned projectors, you can still get the place up and running to watch a movie.

Rogue Lands

this land was claimed by, melo. he is a bold, true, and noble leader who will treat his pack fairly. though anything can happen within a pack such as, fights, starvation, lies, and revolts. these are things that melo. has decided to take on to protect and make his followers happy. keeping in mind that he still establishes a good ranking system that gives a job to each of the canines following in his leadership. the pack is now called Pernicious Seas Pack
.This pack is run by Coltin and they stand for the right of dogs. Coltin is a hard headed mean male with a heart as big as the world itself, yet he does not listen to it most of the time. This pack not only settles down here but is constantly moving around the large area and searching for humans who have been changed, the whole reason of his existence is to kill them and let dogs take the world again.The pack is a group of assassins trained by Coltin to kill in the dark and leave before anyone even knows they are there. They hide during the day getting their rest to strike at night and are sometimes split in to with his right hand man so they can cover more ground.
A mountain range with thick woods and lush vegetation that is home to many prey. The mountain from a distance looks to be in the shape of a wolf's head. Small foot hills roll at the bottom of the mountain with a few plains and meadows in between. A waterfall thundering from the highest spot of the mountain, the pool at the bottom always full of large fish in case large game cannot be caught. Large boulders range in some areas making it seem like these areas are being defended from attack. Some of the boulders are loose enough that it hit with enough force they will roll and crush anything that is in its path. Be careful when in these areas, for anything can happen.

Western Grove

This pack is run by SOLDIER. Taking up the outskirts of the city, only a few buildings are on the lands; the gas station to the east, a subdivision to the south, a shopping center to the west, and a wooded area to the north. The headquarters of the pack are underground within the trees on the north side, where the den of the alpha is located. Near the headquarters lies a small pond with a small stream that leads outside of the pack lands. The pond is home to many marine animals and amphibians. The Fifth Brigade seems to be the underdog of all of the packs, but will eventually show that only the strongest will survive.
The land around the pack is more than less your basic dense forest land.The only thing that makes it unique is the large waterfall that runs almost all the way through it. The waterfall up close is rapid and dangerous, but as you scout through the territory and follow it's small stream, the water is clear and for the most part safe. The forest is thick and the trees are thick with leaves that provide shade from the scorching of the sun.  The Camp where the pack stays has many tunnels of dens and is able to support large amounts of canines. Prey: The forest consists of many kinds of small prey such as rodents, birds, and bbits. During the spring, deer and elk herds thrive and occasionally the wild turkey roam
The land you see before you, makes you realize your fate as soon as you step within it. A major portion of the land is blackened with the ashes of fallen trees, dead grass, broken glass, and soil that is still a bit hot to the touch. All from a fire that had descended upon the asylum like Hell had marked it as his home. But, as soon as you enter the large structure that resides on the land, you'll find tiled flooring with miniscule black spots. The walls are blackened from the flames of the fire that had destroyed much of the land. The glass in the windows lay broken outside the building, surrounding it in a protective barrier. A thousand rooms line the four stories of the asylum, offering a place to sleep for a thousand canines. Each room is lined with blackened walls, a single bed with half burnt sheets, and curtains that were half singed by the fire. On the main floor is a room that used to be labeled as the cafeteria. Tables line the perimeter of the room, and beyond the tables is the kitchen. The smell of food still lingers there, and the stove still remains hot to the touch. The stove, alone, is enough to heat the cafeteria during winter. In another room; on the other side of the hallway from the kitchen, a large throne-like chair sits in the center of the room; demanding everyone's attention. It is the chair that only the alpha may sit in, but there are couches surrounding the front of the chair that other members of the pack may sit on; or there is the floor. In a corner of the room sits a television that still works, despite having been touched by the flames. Beyond the asylum lays a tiny forest that offers enough prey for a growing pack, and next to the forest is a small lake that offers water to quench a canine's thirst. That lake is only used for drinking, but beyond that lake is another lake where canines may bathe if they so wish. But, beware. Because, at night, the screams and shrieks of the humans; that had once lived within the asylum, can be heard for miles. It is even possible to smell the scen

Eastern Grove

Widow's Cliff was named long ago by humans who believe the cliff is haunted by a woman who flung herself from the top after her husband died. However, canids don't believe the tale and can often be found coming to the cliff to enjoy the wind coming up off the air in front of them,and to feel like they're on the top of the world. Of course, some have reported an eery white human jumping from the cliff during stormy nights, and screams on the wind. But that's just a tale, right?
Sizor Falls are hidden deep with in the lands surrounding Silent Grove, and is a famed hiking spot back when the humans actually lived in the area, before the dogs started to take over. Now this natural landmark is a familiar place for canids alike, with the sparkling clear water slipping over the edge of a razor cliff and falling into a large, still body of water. White sand encircles the lake at the bottom, giving the location a fairy tale feel.
A thick luxurious forest that spans a pretty decent acre in Silent Grove. Wolves and other canid's usually roam around here before venturing near the city.
Large docks that jut out into the bay. There are ships and boats still tied here.
A beautiful strip of beach just off the north shore. Light sands and crisp blue water. The perfect getaway.
A thick field filled with tall grass and a small stream that runs through it. Large weeping willows are also strewn about here creating perfect shade.
A dairy farm still in use today. There is the farm house, several paddocks and a working silo.

Traces, Many Faces

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